Four tips to turn your salon staff into a powerful sales force.

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I was having a chat with other beauty salon owners after a webinar and I raised the issue of turning your employees into business advocates and a salesforce. All the other owners agreed: “skilled, dedicated staff is key to successful business operation in this particular industry”. However, none of them took the idea to the next step and admitted that they also needed to motivate their staff to promote sales.

This is the biggest problem most beauty salons are facing: no doubt they have trained and talented employees, people who are speaking to clients from an authority standpoint. However, salon owners do not implement strategies that turn employees into salespeople. This means that they are losing a potentially golden opportunity for increased client retention and loyalty.

The main fact is that lots of clients would rather buy beauty products online or subject themselves to potentially hazardous medical procedures (Botox, fillers) than go frequently to a beauty salon. The main reason for that? Online shops and plastic surgeons have better marketing strategies than beauty salons. They do not offer better products, they simply “package” them in a more alluring and persuasive way. They appeal to human emotions and they use all those key strategies that you know of in terms of marketing. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing for your own business?

If you want to be among the first salon owners ready to make the change, then you should consider your employees your prime asset and turn them into your own salesforce. Here are some ways that you can do this:

1. Make sure they are continually trained

Expert advice is the first step towards closing a sale. Your employees must be knowledgeable, confident and up to date with the latest developments in terms of skincare, beauty products, and rejuvenation techniques. They must be prepared to gently disarm clients and remove their objections, not by vilifying other beauty products and procedures, but by presenting the superior, safer and more efficient results obtained by using exclusive product lines, which can only be found in beauty salons.

This means that you need to offer them all the training materials, organise product training and share with them all the knowledge you have about the products you sell in the salon. Also, you should consider sending them to a short and comprehensive course on Sales. No one is born a great salesperson, but it is easy to learn and become one.

I will be offering such a course in May 2020, so stay tuned and we will announce the dates in January. This workshop will support staff and beauty salon owners to overcome their fear of selling, knowing how to overcome objections and how to make the selling process such a natural process that there will be no feeling of pushing a sale or awkwardness.

2. Organise competitions between employees

Incentives always work, in any kind of company or business. You can motivate your employees to use all their persuasion and sales skills on each client by offering a bonus. These contests should run weekly and the bonus should be either in the form of a free product or cash. However, I believe it is much more effective to offer products as incentives in these contests. If your employees actually use your products and can test every benefit they are pitching to the clients, their arguments will become more believable and based on personal recommendation.

Personal referral is the top persuasive technique in modern marketing, so you should encourage your employees to share their experience with your products between themselves and with the clients.

A good supplier of professional skincare usually will support salons with an incentive program. Make sure your supplier has one.

3. Meet, discuss, implement

Staff meetings are very important because you can openly discuss any issues your employees have in the sales process, you can share the latest sales techniques you have learned and you can observe the level of personal involvement and enthusiasm your employees have in promoting the products sold in your salon.

Meetings should not be disruptive to everyday business or take place during lunchtime (most certainly no one will thank you for talking business while they eat!). A friendly atmosphere always fosters great ideas and more acceptance to new rules, new sales techniques and new business guidelines.

4. Understand the employees’ unwillingness to Sell

Salon employees try to establish friendly relationships with clients, so most of them believe that trying to sell them anything will compromise this relationship. You need to help them understand that people will appreciate a knowledgeable referral from a source of trust.

Instead of losing the close relationship they build with clients, your salon employees will develop even stronger ties once the clients start using quality and reliable products. They will become trusted sources of information and advice and this will guarantee that the client comes back again and again for more expert advice and great treatments.

In brief:

  • Keep your employees constantly updated with facts and trial data about the products they sell
  • Create a friendly atmosphere which fosters positive competition to become the best salesperson in the team
  • Be open with your employees, listen to their doubts and worries and answer them honestly about the benefits of using sales techniques with clients
  • Empower them by showing them that they will build even stronger relationships with clients if they can recommend professional products with proven results.

In this way, you will create a continuous cycle of returning clients who are willing to continue using their exclusive salon products and discover new ones.

We love sharing our passion for the beauty industry with our clients and love seeing their successes. That’s what inspires us on a daily basis.
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