A story on how healing the skin with GERnétic changed ones life.

Healing the skin with gernetic in Danni’s story is compelling and one that demonstrates 2 things:

  1. In the wrong hands, some beauty treatments can be a scarring experience for a client. Physically and psychologically.
  2. The therapeutic transformation and healing the skin with GERnétic Skincare.  

As you may know, GERnétic originated from the Hospital Fosh in Paris, where it was initially developed for burn treatment. Dr. Laporte began this research while delving into cellular therapy and gerontology, which focuses on studying cell aging processes. This gave way to 2 initial creams; Synchro and Cytobi. These were created to relieve the pain and boost skin immunity and regeneration of severely damaged skin.

As beauty experts, I believe it’s important you understand GERnétic’s roots – these creams are powerfully healing and can treat serious burns. One example is Danni’s second degree burns following an IPL treatment. 

After hearing about her ordeal, our GERnétic experts reached out to Danni, and after a thorough consultation, started treating her scarring with GERnétic skincare. 

Here is Danni’s experience in healing the skin with gernetic, in her own words:

3 months ago I received an IPL treatment from an inexperienced technician. The result of this IPL treatment left me with second degree burns to the majority of my shoulders and top of my back. I now have pigmented scarring. 

I began using Gernetic skincare creams – Cytobi, Immuno, and Synchro – along with JooMo face and body wash to address my acne. This skincare routine was recommended to me after IPL treatment on my back and shoulders specifically for my acne.

My usual routine is, JooMo face wash and body wash in the shower, Then I get an equal amounts of Gernetic Immuno and Synchro creams and apply it over my scars. It is quite a thick consistency, spreads easily and smells lovely. I apply the leftover cream from my hands over my face and neck. Subsequently, I apply Cytobi cream and follow it up with sunscreen and makeup if I choose to wear any. Normally, I use heavy makeup, but I’ve been cutting down on makeup to focus on enhancing my skin’s barrier.

I’m killing two birds with one stone by using the leftover cream for my scars to improve my acne and skin on my face. 

Usually, my skin is quite dehydrated, but applying my Gernetic creams in small amounts has made my skin noticeably plumper and better hydrated. Additionally, you can see the improvement in the condition of my damaged skin.*

The images Danni has shared after just 2 months of using GERnétic, we are sure you agree, show the incredible results! 

Danni was prescribed 3 core GERnétic products to treat the burns.  Here are some details:


GERnétic’s super nourishing and regenerating cream,  Cytobi is formulated with amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Cytobi provides a synergy of super nutrition to promote tissue regeneration, heal and calm the skin.

Cytobi, an anti-aging cream, nourishes and fortifies the skin, aiding in defense enhancement. It’s a good fit for fine, dry, sensitive, or inflamed skin and is recommended for conditions like rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis during flare-ups.


With its unrivalled regenerating and healing powers, Synchro is at the very core of GERnétic’s cellular research and philosophy. Synchro incorporates a blend of active amino acids, trace elements, vitamins, and cold-pressed oils to nourish, revitalize, hydrate, soothe, and heal your skin.


GERnétic’s key mask, Immuno, revitalizes cells to enhance the skin’s ability to absorb nutrients from prescribed creams. Packed with amino acids and trace elements, Immuno purifies and tones, playing a vital role in rejuvenating and regulating skin functions.


Danni also uses another Vital Plus brand; JooMo.
JooMo specifically promotes the health of the skin microbiome.  This growing trend in the beauty industry is becoming an essential step in understanding and healing the skin with GERnétic effectively than ever before.  You might like to read Your Skin Microbiome.

Certainly, as salon owners and therapists, you are likely to encounter damaged or scarred skin. Partnering with Vital Plus ensures that you provide a potent, regenerative, and safe approach that not only yields remarkable results but also enhances the skin’s defense mechanisms. This will undoubtedly enhance your clients’ beauty therapy experience, unlike the unfortunate ordeal that Danni had to endure.

GERnétic is a must for the dedicated and professional beauty therapist who wants superior excellence in skincare.  

Thank you Danni for allowing us to share your story and pictures of your injured skin, we applaud your bravery and honesty.

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