A Vital Plus Christmas event with the skin analyser.

Quiet Sunday afternoon in a cosy suburban area of western Sydney. The hustle and bustle of the city seems like a distant memory. The sense of community is in the air, and everyone seems to know each other on a first name basis. One of the pillars of that community is Joanna’s beauty salon, that has been serving the skin care and beauty needs of the locals for 20 years.

As I enter the salon, I get a warm welcome from Joanna and her family. Even her son, husband and nephew are excited about the event. It is a special day for them, and everyone is there supporting the family business.

It is a special day for me too, as I’ll be gladly demonstrating the wonderful things our new skin analyser can do. It’s the first time I’m taking this sophisticated technology “out on a mission” and I must admit, besides excitement I’m also feeling a bit nervous.

Joanna has been stocking both our brands: Gernetic and Nimue. Her clients are very familiar with Gernetic and they all know how fantastic the brand is. But Nimue is still new to them.

Our Technical Educator, Danielle, is also there for the occasion. First clients are in and waiting for the presentation. We start with Gernetic Skincare, born for the treatment of skin burns. Danielle explains all the benefits such as skin immunity, skin barrier, skin regeneration etc…and passes on the creams for everyone to test. Joanna does some translation. The audience seem to be impressed with the history and benefits of the products. Their facial expressions paint a thousand words as they smell and feel the creams. As Danielle finishes the presentation, she advises everyone to get their skin checked with the Skin Analyser. It is now my time to shine.

A group of ladies gather around me curious about the Skin Analyser and the Nimue brand, as they see a pile of Nimue sample bags that I’ve prepared for them. The first “brave” lady is ready for her skin check.

I turn on the Analyser and take detailed images of her skin. 15 second later we all look at the results and everyone seems to be amazed and terrified all at once, by the pictures and what they reveal under the UV light. All the underlying pigmentation spots, sensitive areas and hidden inflammation are clearly visible.

I proceed by interpreting and explaining the images and the language barrier does not seem to be a problem anymore. Using our Nimue consultation form I categorise the skin and suggest the best home care regimen by ticking the boxes on the form next to the Nimue product list. She says that she has just purchased her cleanser and still needs to finish her current moisturiser. I do NOT push for a purchase, I simply give her a sample bag and advise her to start with the Nimue TDS for hyperpigmented skin, exfoliating enzyme and SPF50. Seeing my desire to help, she begins to trust my recommendations and goes straight to the checkout counter to purchase the products.

Everyone knows that a quality sunscreen is vitally important, and no one leaves the party without getting one. As I am finishing with my first brave volunteer, I can see that I already have another eager lady patiently waiting for her turn to get her skin checked.

After a few minutes, the level of enthusiasm shown by the attendance has tripled and there are no spare chairs around me. The Skin Analyser not only determines the underlying skin problems and condition but also suggests the age of the skin (based on the results of the skin types around the world). At first, I am a bit hesitant if I should reveal this sensitive indicator. However, starting with the 3rd client, I decided to share the results. I also warned everyone not to take “the age” result too seriously.

Suddenly I can see that the excitement is growing, and everybody gets competitive, trying to get the “youngest” score. The room is full of energy, everyone is enjoying the session. Even the husbands that went along with their wives, slowly start to show an interest and want to get their skins checked too. And they too get recommended the appropriate sunscreen and skincare.

It’s lunchtime, and the salon looks and feels like a wedding reception. The presentation is impeccable, and the table is overflowing with yummy dishes. It’s like a celebration and the whole neighbourhood seems to have been invited.

By 4 pm Joanna sees me getting ready to leave, she comes to me with a beautiful bunch of flowers and a big smile on her face. ” This was the most successful event ever! Thank you so much Lidia” she says to me. I really enjoyed helping Joanna’s clients and seeing how happy this made her and her clients, is what makes my job a real pleasure to do.

We take a few last photos with Joanna and some of the clients who don’t seem in a rush to get home yet. They ask me if I can check their skins again in a couple of months and see if they can score a better “age” result after they follow the suggested homecare. The skin analyser stores all the client’s data on the “cloud” so next time I will be able to check their progress easily.

Joanna and I agree to organise another event in July 2020 and celebrate the anniversary of the opening of her salon at the same time.

We say our last goodbyes and I am ready to call it a day!
I drive back home tired but with a smile that I cannot wipe off my face. I think to myself how grateful I am to be working with products and tools with which I have seen the improvement of thousands of people’s skin and the positive impact this has on their lives. The confidence it gives them.

If you’re a Vital Plus business customer, in NSW, you can book one of our educators and the Skin Analysers for that special event, consultation day or even a product launch. If you’re not, find out about us, ask the industry what they say. And once you find out how much we can help your beauty business, then Join Us. Be part of our growing family of advanced and thriving beauty therapists.

Our biggest desire is to support you with superior excellence in skincare so that they don’t just sit on your shelves. We also train you and give you the tools and techniques that will guarantee they are sold to your customers, who will see the immediate difference and be forever grateful to you.

Helping you is what drives us. That’s the Vital Plus Experience.

Call the office on 1300 437 638 for more information.

Written by Lidia Sorokina, Nimue Brand Manager

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