The year that was: How learning and connection became a priority.

Welcome to 2021!  We have just survived the year that will always be known as the Covid year – a year that changed everyone’s lives. A year that, for my part, made me reassess how my team and I work, and challenged me to find the strength and courage I had to muster up in the face of such an uncertain future.  

How did you cope? How did you make it through? I’m sure you have a story to tell, and I genuinely would love to read it. So will you please share that one epiphany or that moment when your heart missed a beat or that something that happened and that you will never forget? 

My team and I hope that 2021 will be filled with a richer horizon of hope and prosperity –  but no matter what happens, when it comes to your beauty business, you now know how to overcome just about any challenges that come your way!

In this blog, we’d like to reflect on 2020 and the many positive things that happened here at Vital Plus.  As a salon-only distributor with a stable of cutting edge brands, we always focussed on supporting our clients and helping their businesses grow and hopefully thrive.  

As Covid hit in March 2020 and all our salons were forced to close their doors, we knew we had to reach out and stand beside you to provide you with information, tools and techniques to support you during such challenging times.  

So we immediately started our Stronger Together weekly Zoom meetings.  It began humbly as a way for our salons to come together and connect, while we provided information on how salons could evolve and grow in different ways through it all.  We all had to learn how to become more tech-savvy so that we could continue to support our customers while face to face contact was no longer possible.  

We talked about online consultations and how to make them different from the one’s you would usually do in a salon. We spoke about bulk SMS and their value. We discussed the perfect ways to set up zoom meetings, to send out video clips and for many it was all about encouraging you to make a video. And how to use “lumpy-mail,” to set up a YouTube channel, to get an online website working and so many more subjects that got everyone focussing on what could be done, rather than feeling like a victim. 

A few of our brilliant clients even participated in our Stronger Together meetings to share their knowledge and innovative ideas. Naomi shared her insights in the much-needed realm of breathing and relaxation; taking us into the world of Yoga Nidra. Shelly shared her thoughts on how to keep your client base solid with subscriptions. 

We soon realised that our clients needed more of this support and as firm believers in the need to be learning continually, we decided to take our zoom sessions to the next level. We began to invite professional guest speakers to present once a month and share their unique expertise.  Our Future Beauty Zoom Seminars were born!  Here is what we offered in 2020, and we are so thankful to all the speakers for giving their time and knowledge: 

Olivia Orezzolo – the sleep expert – shared her tips on how we can improve our sleep and optimise our wellbeing.  This was such a valuable topic at a time when stress levels were soaring.

Fiona Tuck, THE forensic nutritionist!  We were lucky enough to have Fiona lead 2 Future Beauty seminars.  In the first, Fiona explained  how we could analyse nutritional deficiencies via the skin  and in the second, she gave us tips on how to use social media and online consultations to maintain a connection with clients

Sharon Holland, experienced Naturopath, reflexologist and iridologist – gave us further insights into holistic beauty, combining knowledge of naturopathy and nutrition to treat the skin from the inside out.

Amanda Stevens, a global thought leader on marketing and consumer behaviour, lead a perceptive seminar about brand building in a new world.   Her Hibernation Plan gave a detailed guideline on how to maintain salon client relationships and how best to use the time we suddenly all had available.

Gay Wardle, Educator, Coach and Mentor, presented 2 compelling Future Beauty seminars, firstly on how to make your beauty salon Covid-Safe, which was hugely successful and another on the fascinating topic of the skin barrier. 

Oksana Koriakova, Brand Engagement and Customer Experience Expert shared some insightful marketing ideas for beauty salons to stay connected with their clients.

Dr Adam Arnold, a social media expert, shared his 3 secrets to Facebook marketing that could boost your marketing results 100x! 

Chiza Westcarr, is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skin Care Expert and Health Coach.  Her fascinating seminar explained the importance of the gut and the skin microbiome, the link that exists between them and the vital role they play in our overall health.

Thys Basson, one of the founders of the PlasmaBlast Academy of Beauty Therapy and Dr Elna Fourie, a PhD-qualified pharmacist, gave an engaging talk on Epigenetics and what the latest research means for beauty therapy.  We also learnt about the importance of an Omega 3 ratio to Omega 6 for optimal health.

Pia Kynoch, Holistic Educator, Naturopath and Skin Therapist shared her fascinating presentation on the link between the gut, the skin and emotions.

Tamara Reid of Beaute Industrie delved into the coming trends, technologies, treatments and topics your clients will want to discover as we headed into the new year.

Iain Rosekilly, Manager of Naturalena Brands, explained the issue of period poverty and the story of their Ambassador, Hilary Duff’s involvement. This coincided with the beginning of our distribution of Veeda Hand Sanitiser, of which all profits go to supporting the very real problem of period poverty.  

So, what a year it was!  On one level, it was full of uncertainty and often despair, but on another level, it gave us all a chance to connect, to learn from each other, to grow and to evolve.  

At Vital Plus, it helped us develop our business into one that now regularly offers education as well as practical support to the beauty industry and businesses.  

If any of the speakers or topics that we covered last year, interest you, please head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe – you can access recordings of all our Future Beauty Events there!  


We also publish monthly blogs that link with our Educational events, and you can view them right here:  VITAL PLUS BLOGS

Our fundamental beliefs are that skincare products must take a holistic approach; one which empowers the health of the skin.  It is on these merits and philosophy that we select our stable of skincare. We do not seek to supply beauty salons with products that give short term results but results that can be sustained and enjoyed through the years.

We love sharing our passion for the beauty industry with our clients and love seeing them succeed. And when you’re struggling, or you feel challenged, then we are always ready to help you up and propel you towards solutions, ideas and motivation. That’s what inspires us.

Supporting you in running a successful beauty business is our purpose.

Call us for more information: 1300 437 638

We wish you all a happy, prosperous and successful 2021!

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