How to Successfully Treat Burns and Scars with GERnetic Skincare

GERnétic Skincare: The Ultimate Burn Scar Treatment

GERnétic Skincare: The Ultimate Burn Scar Treatment

GERnétic International skincare was created for a skin burns unit at the Hospital Foch in Paris. That is the reason why its healing powers are astounding. And you would be forgiven for thinking burns and scars should be reserved for the medical profession.

Read on to discover the story of GERnétic and see some first-hand accounts of how GERnetic has helped burns patients restore health to their skin.

The Origins of GERnétic

The innovator behind GERnétic skincare, Dr Albert Laporte, was a French Cellular Biologist and gerontologist. He spent many years researching transdermal penetration or the absorption of skincare products into the body. In the early 1960s, Dr Laporte worked at a leading hospital in Paris. He researched burn treatments that could relieve suffering and help heal and re-structure the tissues in cases of third-degree burns. In that environment, he developed his fundamental concept. From this research, two incredible regenerating burn scar treatment creams were born, Synchro and Cytobi, formulated to heal and repair severely damaged skin.

How do Synchro and Cytobi Work as a Burn Scar Treatment 

Regenerative and nutritive, Synchro is the most important formula of the GERnétic range. It regenerates the epidermis cells and stimulates healthy cell turnover.

It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and has incredible healing properties. All of these assets make Synchro highly effective in treating burns or scarring. Packed with amino acids, vitamins, minerals and EFAs, Synchro is formulated to penetrate deep into the skin cells to truly heal. Synchro regulates skin functions and boosts skin immunity. It was designed to treat burn patients once the skin healing was underway and provides the correct balance of essential nutrition the cells need.

Cytobi is just as powerful as Synchro, if not more so!  

It is super nutritive and packed with essential amino acids, proteins, vitamins and trace elements, all of which are essential to well-nourished skin. Cytobi boosts tissue regeneration and revitalisation and can alleviate several skin disorders linked to inflammation. Its healing and calming actions make it ideal as an anti-inflammatory and contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Cytobi is the burn scar treatment cream you would apply to a fresh burn because it can calm and soothe. Within a few weeks, you would start to apply Synchro on top of the Cytobi for added regeneration.

Treating Burns with GERnétic – Real Results

Of course, it’s easy to claim that our product works wonders, but often pictures speak louder than words. So here, we take a look at 3 case studies of real people with different but equally distressing experiences.  

*Please be warned that the images contained in this blog may be confronting to look at.

Burn Scar Treatment #1 

This little boy was just ten years old when he was burned in an accident. His treatment with Cytobi began just over three weeks after the incident and following initial hospital treatment. The burns affected the thigh, stomach and hand. The treatment incorporated applying Cytobi twice a day. As the rawness diminished, Synchro was also added to the routine.

Take a look at this before and after photo – taken one year apart. The healing that took place using GERnetic skincare meant this young man didn’t have to endure skin grafts. What a result!

Treating burn with Gernetic

Burn Scar Treatment #2

Who would have thought that lime juice could burn the skin? Well, that’s precisely what happened to Cassie. In these photos, you can see the initial burn blister and then three months later, the healing that took place using Cytobi twice daily.

Treating burn with Cytobi

Burn Scar Treatment #3

Dani received 2nd-degree burns from an IPL treatment by an inexperienced therapist.  

As she didn’t start her GERnétic treatment until a few weeks after the initial burn, she was treated with a mix of Synchro and Cytobi. A few weeks later, we added the Immuno mask into the treatment by mixing it with Synchro. This boosted the regeneration process, and Cytobi applied on top provided extra nourishment and regeneration.  

These results are taken over two months, with the first photo in the top left and the final photo in the bottom right. Dani reported her skin felt nourished and hydrated, and the redness, itchiness and tightness had gone. Her skin was now healthy enough for her to explore the next phase of her treatment using specific post-operative lasers designed to treat scars and damaged skin.

Treating burn with Gerneticu

Holistic Skincare

So, there you have it. GERnétic skincare continues to do what it was intended to do.  

Fast forward to today, and you can imagine how powerful  GERnétic skincare is on more everyday skin concerns such as ageing, sensitivity and pigmentation!

Here at GERnétic we believe treating the skin holistically is the key to long-term skin health. This means we treat the external skin with nutrients and healthy natural ingredients to nourish and heal. But we also understand the need to maintain a lifestyle that meets the skin’s needs. This includes eating well, sleeping, exercising, removing anything toxic to the skin, and managing stress. Emotional well-being is especially paramount in the case of burns, as well as ensuring the body gets the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to assist in the healing of the skin.

While the above case studies are severe, Synchro and Cytobi can successfully treat old scars. Please seek the advice of a qualified GERnétic therapist if you or anyone you know has any scars. By getting the best course of treatment, you can have a significant impact on the look and feel of damaged skin.  

The Vital Plus Difference

Are you ready to try GERnetic skincare in your clinic? If you are already a client of Vital Plus, get in touch to place your order!  

If you are new to VP, remember we have no minimum opening order or monthly spending. Therefore, you have the freedom to try any of our products with no strings attached!

We love sharing our passion for healthy and beautiful skin with our clients and  seeing their successes. That’s what inspires us daily.

Vital Plus customers benefit from ongoing support to enhance knowledge, industry awareness, and financial success. Supporting you in running a thriving beauty business is our purpose.

For more details about what we can offer you and your business, don’t hesitate to contact us: 1300 437 638

FAQs: How to Successfully Treat Burns and Scars?

Q: What are the first steps to take when treating a burn?

A: The first steps to take when treating a burn include:

  • Immediately cooling the burn under running water for about 10 to 20 minutes to reduce heat and minimize damage.
  • Covering the burn with a sterile non-stick dressing or a clean cloth.
  • Seeking medical attention for severe burns, such as third-degree burns or burns that cover a large area of the body.

Q: How should I care for a burn wound at home?

A: To care for a burn wound at home, follow these steps:

  • Gently clean the burn area with mild soap and cool water, patting it dry with a clean cloth.
  • Apply an over-the-counter burn ointment or cream to keep the wound moist and promote healing.
  • Cover the burn with a sterile bandage to protect it from infection.
  • Change the bandage regularly, keeping the wound clean and dry.
  • If the burn worsens, shows signs of infection, or if you are uncertain about proper care, consult a healthcare professional.

Q: How can I prevent scars from forming after a burn injury?

A: To help prevent scars from forming after a burn injury, consider the following tips:

  • Keep the burn wound clean and moist, as this promotes optimal healing and reduces the likelihood of scarring.
  • Protect the burn from sun exposure by covering it with clothing or using a broad-spectrum sunscreen.
  • Avoid picking at scabs or peeling skin, as this can increase the risk of scarring.
  • Follow the recommended treatment plan provided by a healthcare professional.

Q: When should I seek medical attention for a burn?

A: It is important to seek medical attention for a burn in the following situations:

  • The burn is deep, covers a large area, or affects sensitive areas like the face, hands, feet, genitals, or major joints.
  • The burn appears infected, with signs such as increased pain, redness, swelling, pus, or a foul odor.
  • The burn was caused by chemicals, electricity, or radiation.
  • You experience symptoms like fever, dizziness, or shortness of breath after a burn injury.

Q: What are some effective treatments for existing burn scars?

A: Effective treatments for existing burn scars may include:

  • Silicone gel sheets or ointments applied to the scar to flatten and soften it over time.
  • Pressure therapy using special garments or dressings to reduce the appearance of scars.
  • Corticosteroid injections or creams to help reduce inflammation and improve the appearance of scars.
  • Laser therapy or microdermabrasion to resurface the skin and diminish the scar’s visibility.
  • Surgical options like skin grafting or scar revision for more severe or resistant scars.

Please note that while these FAQs provide general information, it’s important to consult a healthcare professional for specific advice tailored to your situation.

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