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Top Five Day Creams for Summer

What is the best day cream for summer?

Summer in Australia – fun, festive but oh so hot!! As a beauty professional, you understand just how important it is to protect your skin at this time of year.  Providing your clients with a light day cream, that is also nourishing and protective, can be a task in itself!  GERnetic prides itself on understanding exactly what the skin needs, no matter the time of year. With extensive cellular knowledge and using the science of biotechnology, GERnetic is renowned for bringing essential nutrition to the skin. Every skin is unique, but with precisely dosed essential nutritional molecules, the skin can regenerate and repair itself.  As the Summer heat sets in, many of your clients will be yearning for a day cream that is light as a feather, protects their skin from the environment but also continues to nourish the skin…not always as easy as it sounds! 

Our range of five protective day creams is a masterpiece in innovative skincare. They protect, they nourish, and they are incredibly light. That’s why, this Summer, we’ve got you and your clients covered!  

How does Summer affect the skin?

Dry heat and exposure to the elements can make skin sensitive, dehydrated, dull and lifeless. The sebaceous glands can become more active due to the high temperatures and humidity. This can make oily skin even more oily, and dry skin can become rough and patchy. Pores open due to the heat, which can get clogged with dirt and oil, trapping bacteria and leading to pimples, blemishes and acne. Of course, the risk of sunburn is high at this time of year, and that is inextricably linked to ageing and skin cancer. 

But what is the best day cream for summer?

As a skin therapist, you can encourage your clients to take a look at their skincare routine during the Summer months and ensure their products are gentle, nourishing and protective.

Read on to discover the Top 5 day creams for protected, nourished skin.

GERnetic’s Protective Day Creams

Imagine a cream that acts like a security guard, keeping the good in and preventing the bad from entering. Imagine a cream that works on the skin’s surface to keep it hydrated and healthy and also boasts a powerful anti-oxidant action, offering environmental protection. GERnetic has a range of protective day creams that can do just this.

So, what is the difference between our protective creams and our nutritive creams, Synchro & Cytobi?

The protective creams play the part of a healthy, reinforced skin barrier. They keep the good in and the bad out. Protective creams work on the epidermis layer of the skin to keep it hydrated and healthy.

On the other hand, the nourishing creams work at a deep level, feeding the basal cells and offering a regenerative action.

Ideally, your clients would use both a nutritive and protective cream to reap the full benefits. However, the protective creams can also be used alone for those who prefer a more straightforward skin routine.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the 5 protective day creams and discover what makes them stand out from the rest. Learn about the ingredients, benefits, and cream that suits each skin type. It’s time to fall in love with these perfect day creams and stock them in your salon!

Tropo Plus Protective Day Cream


  • A Day moisturiser and make-up base providing anti-fatigue and anti-pollution protection 
  • Works to restore and regulate the surface barrier of the skin. 
  • Gives a matt finish to the skin


Containing Phytostimulines from camomile, allantoin and wheat germ, Tropo Plus boasts decongesting, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Glycoproteins, sweet almond oil and shea butter hydrate the skin and protect the barrier.

Who is Tropo Plus Day Cream suitable for?

Suitable for dryer skins and skins subject to inflammation or reactions to make-up.

GERnétic’s Tropo Plus maintains the skin’s natural hydration by preventing water loss allowing the skin to keep its flexibility, softness, and comfort ready for make-up. 

Who is Tropo Plus not for?

Oily breakout skins

Symbiose Protective Day Cream


  • An all-in-one powerhouse.
  • Symbiose offers a nutrient-rich formulation with a lightweight fluid texture that penetrates quickly into the skin without leaving an oily residue
  • Symbiose was designed a Day cream combining the nutritional benefits of synchro with the protective benefits of a protective cream.


Rich in amino acids derived from marine plants, trace elements and vitamins, Symbiose improves cell function, stimulates collagen production and enhances skin health.

Who is Symbiose suitable for?

  • Symbiose is a light texture cream, nutritive and protective with light SPF 10. 
  • It is ideal for those who want to use only one cream in the morning.

Who is Symbiose not for?

Younger, oilier skins

Ger Oxy Day Cream


  • Combat the damaging effects of pollution, urban lifestyle, environmental aggressors, and fatigue with this powerful anti-pollution cream. 
  • Activates microcirculation and boosts oxygenation in the cells.
  • This nutrient-rich cream helps the skin regain balance and freshness,


Containing active fermented ingredients, chamomile, st john’s wort and sage, GER Oxy improves micro circulation and fights free radical damage.

Who is Ger Oxy for?

  • Suitable for lifeless skins, affected by pollution or lightly sensitive. 
  • Suitable for combination skins
  • It is ideal if you are new to GERnetic products as it can ensure a smooth transition from the products you have previously used. 
  • All skin types can benefit from Ger Oxy.

Marine Day Cream


  • Infuses energy into the skin with this light-textured cream designed to boost the skin’s functions.
  • With marine and vegetal extracts, this hydrating cream is rich in minerals and provides an anti-ageing effect on mature, dry skin. 


The primary ingredient in Marine Day is chlorella green algae. Gernétic has chosen to use algae because of its high amino acid and protein content. Sourced from Brittany in France, the chlorella is freeze-dried at the source. Then, it undergoes a fermentation process to release its active elements.  

This powerhouse ingredient helps prevent ageing, promotes collagen renewal and enhances skin functions. Its potent anti-oxidant actions make it an incredible protecting cream.

Who is Marine Day Cream for?

  • Marine Day cream is very rich in trace elements that stimulate biological reactions, boosting the skin’s energy collagen and elastin.
  •  It can be used in conjunction with Marine Ger-Lift.
  • Firms, tones, and energises the skin.
  • An ideal cream to use to combat signs of aging in the skin.
  • Marine Day is a  perfect lightweight moisturiser to use in the summer months.
  • Has a beautifully fresh, natural scent.
  • Perfect as an  anti-ageing treatment for clients 25+

Who is Marine Day Cream not for?

  • Younger oily skins

GG Cream 

A perfecting and illuminating cream, GG Cream instantly transforms the skin, making it brighter and more unified. This is GERnetic’s own BB cream with a tinting action that works on any skin tone!


  • The magic microcapsules release tinted micro-pigments which, when spread onto the skin, provide colour, light coverage and a mattifying and protective finish.
  • The GG cream disperses and blurs out imperfections such as lines and wrinkles.


Calendula provides anti-oxidant benefits to fight free radical damage. St John’s Wort improves micro-circulation for brighter skin. Fermented algae are rich in peptides and postbiotics which nourish the cells and boost cell renewal and collagen production. Mineral powders give their colour to the cream. GG Cream was designed to merge biotechnology and make-up. We love the result!

Who Is GG Cream for?

  • Those looking to perfect and protect their skin in one.
  • Those looking for the coverage of make-up with the benefits of skincare.
  •  GG Cream offers a “no make-up” make-up look with the additional benefits of nutritional skincare ingredients…

Which is Day Cream will you choose?

No matter the skin type or concern, GERnetic has a protective day cream to suit everyone. Skin needs to be nourished and protected all year long. If your clients are after a light cream that protects their skin from external aggressors while feeding it the nutrients it needs, then look no further than GERnetic’s Protective Day Creams.  To watch the full training on these 5 products, check out our latest video with our Educator, Danielle Mason: 

Vital Plus – THE Professional Skincare Distributor

Our fundamental beliefs are that skincare products must take a holistic approach, empowering the skin’s health.  It is on these merits and philosophy that we select our range of skincare. We do not seek to supply professional beauty salons with short-term results but results sustained and enjoyed through the years.

We love sharing our passion for the beauty industry with our clients and love seeing them succeed. And when you’re struggling or feel challenged, we are ready to help you up and propel you towards solutions, ideas, and motivation. That’s what inspires us.

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