Vital Plus at Beauty Expo Australia 2023

August 2023 heralded the pinnacle event in the Australian beauty calendar. Beauty Expo was even more special this year, celebrating 20 years since its inception.

Shining at the forefront of the beauty industry, Beauty Expo has established itself as the guiding force that inspires professionals to push the boundaries of beauty.

The beauty industry never ceases to evolve with new technologies and skincare trends constantly emerging. Beauty Expo is the largest gathering of beauty brands, suppliers and professionals in Australia. It unites industry leaders and offers guests the chance to connect and learn, with an impressive line-up of 300+ leading brands and products across 32 categories.

This year, Vital Plus, joined Beauty Expo to showcase one of our cutting-edge products, Sequential Skin Biome Masks™. In this blog we recap our Beauty Expo experience and showcase our highlights from the ultimate professional beauty event of 2023.

Our Goal at Beauty Expo 2023

Our aim at Beauty Expo 2023 was to proudly showcase Sequential Skin Biome Mask™. In addition, we introduced this revolutionary skincare product to beauty professionals from around the country. It was our chance to educate the industry about the importance of the skin microbiome and its link to skin health. With the co-founder of Sequential Skin, Dr Albert Dashi, we spent 2 days discussing the ins and outs of the skin microbiome with beauty professionals, ranging from students to therapists to salon owners.

The Vital Plus Booth

Our stand was minimalist and stunning with video on loop and our biome masks on display. We were able to collect contact details from all those who visited our stand and have since sent everyone a free mask.

Sequential Skin is a unique, innovative biome sheet mask. It is packed with pre and postbiotics to nourish good bacteria, maintain the skin microbiome and support the skin barrier. Five formulas target hydration, sensitivity, ageing and pigmentation.

We were able to highlight how Sequential Skin Biome Mask is the ultimate companion for beauty therapists.

It is compatible with ANY skincare brand and it is ideal for use following needling, laser, dermaplaning, dermabrasion and LED.

This has been shown to increase treatment efficacy and enhance results. In addition, the masks can be used in salon as well as at home. Making it the perfect retail add-on for any salon. It became clear as the hours ticked by that the concept of Sequential Skin Biome Masks was exciting to many beauty professionals and we had many eager to try it for themselves.

Skin Microbiome as a major trend & Vital Plus Beauty Expo 2023 as a distributor of Holistic skincare

Beauty Expo provides a platform to educate, inform and inspire beauty professionals. This year there was a big focus on holistic skincare, skin microbiome technology, corneotherapy, wellbeing and sustainability. As a distributor of holistic skincare products with a big focus on skin microbiome and skin barrier health, Furthermore, Beauty Expo was the perfect choice for us to showcase a small part of what we do. As a leading voice in skin microbiome advancement, Sequential Skin is paving the way to a more informed and powerful way to treat the skin.

Vital Plus Insights and Education – About Albert’s talk

Dr Dashi joined the stella line-up of speakers at Beauty Expo, to present “Navigating the Future of Skin Microbiome Care’ to an enthralled audience.

In the dynamic world of personal care, one concept remains a powerful force: the microbiome. The global skin microbiome market is expected to reach $2.9 billion by 2030, opening doors for groundbreaking product development and unprecedented consumer demand.

In his presentation, Dr Albert Dashi delved into the skin microbiome.

He explored healthy and diseased microbiomes, discussing the significance of diversity and its impact on skin conditions. Dr Albert also examined pre, pro, and postbiotics-based formulations and their limitations.

Additionally, he shared the latest ingredient research that affects skin microbiome balance, revealing harsh ingredients to avoid. In the presentation, it was also emphasized the need for scientifically validated approaches and challenged vague marketing claims.

Then, by promoting rigorous research and targeted interventions, Dr Albert aims to foster an informed and responsible approach to skin microbiome care.

We also took part in a live demo, to showcase how to use the Sequential Skin testing kit (which will be available to salons here very soon!) as well as how to apply the sheet mask.

It was inspiring to experience the breadth of educational opportunities that were made available to all beauty professionals at Beauty Expo this year.

Networking and Collaboration Opportunities

Beauty Expo is undoubtedly a networking dream.

As salon owners and therapists, you have the opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals and be at the forefront of beauty industry trends, innovations and product offerings.

For us as a distributor, Beauty Expo 2023 was a wonderful chance for us to meet industry professionals! Those who are ready to embrace the best that is on offer and take their businesses to the next level. In fact, our Stand collected more leads than anyone else at Expo this year! With over 1000 new leads, we can’t wait to see where the Beauty Expo journey takes us next.

In Conclusion – Vital Plus Beauty Expo 2023

It’s great to see that Holistic approach is gaining more & more recognition and Beauty therapists continue educating themselves

In conclusion, Beauty Expo 2023 was an extraordinary journey for Vital Plus. We took pride in spreading awareness about the skin microbiome and the groundbreaking Sequential Skin Biome Masks™.

Furthermore, it was heartening to witness the beauty industry’s growing recognition of a holistic approach to skincare. One that begins from within. Beauty professionals displayed a remarkable commitment to ongoing education, driven by the desire to provide the best solutions for their clients.

If you couldn’t make it to Expo this year, we highly recommend marking your calendars for August 24-25, 2024. It’s an opportunity for professional growth, exposure to the latest trends and products.

Without a doubt, it provided access to insightful education that can elevate your salon to new heights. Don’t forget to visit our Expo Stand to explore what else we have in store for the beauty industry in 2024—we can’t wait to see you there!

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