Mastering Sensitive Skin: A Salon Owner’s Guide – Part 2

Research into sensitive skin has gained huge traction in the past few years with studies suggesting that over 70% of the worldwide population experience some degree of sensitivity.

Abnormal sensory perceptions and a low tolerance to certain external factors distinguish sensitive skin from other conditions. Read Part 1 for a deep dive into skin sensitivity.

As a skincare professional, it can be challenging to treat and manage sensitive skin as there is still no one-size-fits-all solution. In the second part of our sensitive skin blog series, we identify the main treatment strategies and introduce you to Nimue Skin Technology’s NEW Sensitive Skin range.

What Should You Focus On When Treating Sensitive Skin?

Sensitive skin demands a tailored approach that fits in with the client’s specific type of sensitivity and specific triggers.

We have already explored the major factors that seem to play a role in sensitivity – disruptions in the skin barrier, an unbalanced skin microbiome and the neurosensory network (blog 1 link).

By working to restore the skin barrier, balance the skin microbiome and reduce neurosensory reactivity, you can make a huge impact on your client’s skin.

The key here is using skin products and ingredients that are safe for sensitive skin. Gentle cleansing routines, simple formulas and optimal pH levels are vital when treating this skin type.

How to Categorise Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be classified into different types depending on skin barrier function and reactivity. This makes it all the more difficult to assess and treat. Let’s take a closer look:

Type I:

Characterised by a compromised skin barrier function.

Type II:

Demonstrates normal skin barrier function but exhibits signs of inflammation.

Type III:

Shows normal skin barrier function but experiences reactivity issues without inflammation.

Sensitive skin can also be categorised based on the triggers that induce sensitivity:

  • High sensitivity: Reacts to a wide range of internal and external factors with a strong psychological component.
  • Environmental sensitivity: Prone to blushing and reacts to environmental factors.
  • Cosmetic sensitivity: Displays temporary reactivity to specific beauty products.

Furthermore, sensitive skin may fall into 2 categories: primary (no associated underlying disease) or secondary (linked to another skin condition).

A Sensitive Skin Treatment Protocol

Nimue Skin Technology has just launched their highly anticipated Sensitive range. Designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals with sensitive skin, this range offers effective and targeted treatment options to restore and strengthen the skin’s natural resilience.

Nimue has developed the Sensitive range to reinforce the skin’s immune system and barrier function, reduce inflammation, and optimize the skin micro-environment for improved health and resilience.

The core of the Sensitive range consists of two homecare products: Daily Calm and Restore and Soothing Repair Serum.

Daily Calm and Restore is a treatment moisturiser formulated with powerful postbiotics, plant stem cells, and a blend of anti-inflammatory and botanical active ingredients. This unique combination helps soothe and nourish the skin, promoting a balanced and calm complexion and strengthening the skin barrier.

Powerful ingredients such as Beta-Glucan rebalance the skin’s immunity on a neurosensory level, by suppressing the allergy-specific pathways and reducing hypersensitive reaction.

A nature-identical sensory regulator, derived from Mediterranean Berry, Pistaschia and Lentiscus, modulates the neurosensory chain reaction at the source of stinging and burning sensations. This results in calming, comfort, and relief.

Soothing Repair Serum is a specialised treatment designed specifically for reactive skin. This serum focuses on barrier repair, utilising postbiotics, anti-inflammatory agents, and hydrating actives to alleviate discomfort and restore optimal skin health.

With the Sensitive range, individuals with sensitive skin can now enjoy day-to-day relief and visible results.

These products are extremely gentle, easy to apply, and free from preservatives, fragrance, lanolin, cortisone, mineral oil, and petrolatum.

To further support the homecare products, a professional Smart Micropeel has been developed that can be incorporated in a basic Nimue treatment protocol. The Micropeel contains larger chain acids, saponins, Glycyrrhetinic Acid and a plant stem cell-based anti-inflammatory to provide a gentle peel that reduces inflammation.

The Nimue Sensitive range is set to revolutionise the way individuals with sensitive skin care for their complexion. By harnessing the power of advanced skincare technologies and leveraging the latest research, Nimue Skin Technology continues to deliver exceptional products that promote skin health and confidence.


In conclusion, sensitive skin is a complex condition with various contributing factors, and its management involves a tailored approach that factors in your client’s unique skin. With the correct knowledge and skincare products at your fingertips, you have the power to make a true difference to the lives of people with sensitive skin.


Why is my skin so sensitive all of a sudden?

Your skin might suddenly become sensitive due to various reasons like changes in weather, stress, hormonal fluctuations, or using new skincare products. It’s essential to identify triggers and adjust your routine accordingly.

Is Vitamin C suitable for sensitive skin?

Vitamin C can be suitable for sensitive skin, but it depends on the formulation and concentration. Look for gentle, low-concentration formulas designed for sensitive skin types. Always do a patch test before using it all over your face.

What are the main factors to focus on when treating sensitive skin?

Treating sensitive skin requires addressing disruptions in the skin barrier, balancing the skin microbiome, and reducing neurosensory reactivity. This involves using gentle cleansing routines, simple formulas, and products with optimal pH levels that are safe for sensitive skin.

What is the Nimue Skin Technology Sensitive range, and how does it help sensitive skin?

The Nimue Skin Technology Sensitive range is designed to cater to the specific needs of individuals with sensitive skin. It includes products like Daily Calm and Restore and Soothing Repair Serum, which focus on reinforcing the skin’s immune system and barrier function, reducing inflammation, and optimizing the skin micro-environment for improved health and resilience. These products are gentle, easy to apply, and free from common irritants, providing day-to-day relief and visible results for sensitive skin.

For more information about Nimue Skin Technology and the Sensitive range, please visit

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