The skin microbiome.

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Does Biodiversity hold the key to optimum skin health?

As beauty therapists and salon owners, you know that the needs of human skin are complex, individual and continuously evolving. At Vital Plus we are incessantly following new research and ideas that are emerging worldwide, on the skin microbiome, and how this intricate organism of bacteria, fungi and viruses can impact the health and look of the largest human organ – the skin.

There is much talk about prebiotics, probiotics and even postbiotics – terms that have been linked to the gut microbiome for many years are now coming up in the realm of the skin microbiome. The research is ongoing – should we be applying pre and probiotics to the skin to enhance the bacterial population that already resides there? Or could that actually cause dysbiosis or an imbalance to the natural state of our skin?  Here we step into uncharted territory and the jury is still out with much more scientific research, particularly clinical trials, needing to be done.

Biodiversity, on the other hand, takes a different approach to nurture the skin microbiome and one skincare brand is leading the way, with some fascinating insights based on clinical trials with the Medical University of Graz in Austria.  JooMo’s research has proved that  “ The more diverse a microbiome becomes, the stronger the skin barrier and the greater the overall skin health. (Kit Wallen-Russell, Co-Founder JooMo)

Not a probiotic 

The science of JoMoo on Youtube

Biodiversity simply means a number of different species living in the same habitat.  Wallen-Russell uses the example of wolves in Yellowstone Park to illustrate how a change in the natural biodiversity of a habitat will lead to imbalance and severe implications. To learn more read his article here:

When it comes to the skin microbiome, well it is home to the most diverse number of species anywhere in the human body.  JooMo’s research highlights that normal cosmetics are diminishing the microbial species to levels that are negatively impacting the skin – the surge in skin allergies is, therefore, no surprise.  There is no evidence to suggest that introducing one species to the skin (as some skincare brands are doing to be included in the flow of genuine interest on this topic) has any impact on skin health (a claim made by many of the pre/probiotic skincare lobbies) but all the evidence points to high biodiversity being the single most important factor for optimum skin health.

What you need to know as beauty experts

How do you approach questions from your clients regarding what is good or bad as far as good skin microbiome?  I would say honesty is key. The research is still ongoing and new developments are coming out every day. The answers are not yet backed up with enough data to form a definite opinion. However, the research so far points out that the more diverse the skin microbiome is, hence the biodiversity within the skin microbiome, the healthier and more radiant the skin is. 

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