Visible results for skin & salon

Radically transform the health of your client’s skin and watch your business thrive. We are committed to empowering salons and clinics with cutting-edge, holistic skincare, extensive training and a community that cares.

Holistic skincare

Professional brands that activate skin health.

Smarter salons

Extensive, flexible training for a better beauty business.

Big hearts

Genuine, caring people are only a phone call away.

Team spirit

Join a thriving community of beauty professionals.

Generous benefits

Your loyalty is rewarded with exceptional perks.

A holistic approach

Truly radiant skin is not surface-deep but an outcome of well-being. It results from good nutrition, lifestyle, emotional health, and of course great skincare.

Our holistic approach considers the skin in its entirety, including its appearance, internal health, balance, and overall vitality. This is why we’re committed to curating ground-breaking products that prioritize the long-term health of the skin. We avoid superficial trends and quick fixes in favour of profound and lasting transformation.

One of the most exciting breakthroughs in skincare revolves around the skin microbiome – a complex ecosystem of microorganisms that reside on the skin’s surface. These microorganisms play a fundamental role in regulating inflammation, safeguarding against harmful pathogens, and maintaining skin harmony. By choosing products that balance the microbiome, we ensure that the skin thrives in an environment that actively defends against skin issues.
We also emphasise the importance of a robust skin barrier. This protective layer acts as the skin’s armour, preventing water loss and blocking the intrusion of external aggressors. A healthy and intact barrier ensures that the skin remains hydrated, warding off irritation and sensitivity. By selecting only brands that fortify the skin barrier, our products bolster the skin’s natural defences, enabling it to withstand environmental stressors.
Salons and clinics that partner with us can trust that every product we sell contributes holistically to truly healthy skin. Our brands promote the skin’s innate health and resilience, striving to address the root causes of skin problems rather than simply alleviating symptoms.

Smarter salons

Competitive salons and clinics understand that education is vital to their success. Our industry is constantly evolving with fresh techniques, trends, and innovative products, so it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve.
We’re here to support your team as they upskill and unlock their full potential. Our comprehensive and flexible training offered in-salon and online, caters to the diverse needs and busy schedules of beauty experts like you. We’re on a mission to empower professionals to not only deliver exceptional results but stay at the forefront of this dynamic industry. With Vital Plus, you can be confident that you’re not only using exceptional products but also harnessing the latest skills and insights to make your business bullet-proof.

Big hearted relationships

It’s our job to help you succeed now and in the long term. Your beauty business requires more than cutting-edge products to thrive. It needs healthy relationships.

Vital Plus understands how to help your business grow. We approach our relationships with respect, trust and warm communication. It’s how we’ve retained happy clients, with exceptional salons and clinics, for over 30 years. We support you with marketing materials, in-depth training, and monthly masterclasses. Plus we’re only a phone call away. If you ever have a problem or question a real person will be there to give you the support you need.

Start or grow your business with us

Are you ready to create the beauty business of your dreams? Let us smooth your pathway to success.

No minimums

Zero opening order and no monthly spend.


Shopfront salons and home-based businesses.


Salon rebate bonus and staff incentive program.


Customised in-salon product training.

With no minimum opening order and no minimum monthly spend, we make it easy to work with Australia’s best professional skincare products. Vital Plus is proud to support salons, big and small. Your shopfront salon, clinic, or home-based beauty business deserves to thrive. Great results are the key. We offer customised product and treatment training on all professional beauty product lines, to ensure the visible outcomes your clients will love. Vital Plus rewards your hard work with generous benefits. Our popular salon reward and staff incentive programs make your success even sweeter. It’s never been simpler to start or grow!

Team spirit

Connecting a warm community of professionals, both online and in person, is part of our purpose. Vital Plus provides a hub for beauty therapists to network, learn, play and thrive. In this dynamic field, where trends and techniques constantly evolve, our community is an exciting space to share knowledge, experiences, insights, and expertise with like-minded people.

Vital benefits

We value every dollar you invest with us, and we are determined to maximize your return on investment. The more you spend with us, the greater the benefits you receive.

Find your level

Vital Benefit levels are calculated based on how much you spend with us during the financial year, ex GST. 

>$ 0 K
>$ 0 K
>$ 0 K
>$ 0 K
>$ 0 K
Your benefit level will be determined at the end of a financial year and adjusted annually to reflect your evolving business. Experience the difference of being part of a supportive community that truly cares about your success.
Benefits Partner Advanced Premium Elite Ultimate
Order X same SKU and get 1 free X = 12 X = 11 X = 10
Monthly educator call Pending availability
Monthly in-salon training Pending availability
Free freight over $600
Up to 5% promotional budget
Salon locator web listing
Social media library
Training video library
Annual promotional calendar
Closed Facebook group
Regular newsletters
Product launch trial sets x 1 x 1 x 2 x 2
Quarterly rewards bonus
Gift with purchase promotion x 1 x 1 x 2 x 3
Lucky door prize
Annual in-salon open day x 1 x 1 x 2
Annual marketing allocation
Free flight tickets $3,500 value $7,000 value

Family owned & run for over 30 years

Vital Plus was founded in 1989 by French beauty therapist Jacqueline Gaubicher. She believed that every woman deserves to feel beautiful. That’s why she devoted her career to championing holistic products, improved nutrition and in-depth education for beauty therapists.
These ideas remain at the heart of everything we do at Vital Plus. Jacqueline’s son Frank and his wife Elena continue to evolve and expand Jacqueline’s radical vision. With an emphasis on effective cellular nutrition, the skin microbiome and a healthy skin barrier, Vital Plus is Australia’s leading distributor of exclusively holistic professional skincare.
With experience comes wisdom. Vital Plus is proud of our longevity and contribution to skincare in Australia. Our team of beauty therapists, nutritionists and expert trainers are each obsessed with skin health and driven to make a difference. We are committed to pushing our limits, learning and growing. Grow with us! We are nothing without our inspired and driven clients. We’re here for you today, and we will continue to be here for you tomorrow.

Request a custom trial pack

Beauty professionals are eligible to experience our holistic skincare first-hand. Receive a trial pack of selected products specifically tailored to your interests. Whether it’s anti-ageing, acne, the microbiome or more, we’ve got you covered. See why beauty professionals around Australia love our products.

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