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Marine extracts

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micronised seaweed.

The power of cellular regeneration

GERnétic is a revolutionary skincare range based on advanced cellular biology and biotechnology. At the heart of their philosophy is the profound understanding that the skin’s vitality and radiance can be enhanced by scientifically harnessing the skin’s natural regenerative ability.

Developed in a Parisian hospital, GERnétic was created by a leading French biologist and gerontologist, Dr Albert Laporte. Initially designed to rapidly heal burns and scar tissue, the discovery was so impressive that a revolutionary skincare brand was born.

These advanced formulas deliver nutritional molecules directly to skin cells to stimulate the skin’s natural regenerative ability and boost immunity. GERnétic’s extensive range addresses almost all skin conditions with immediate results your clients can see.

The science

GERnetic is founded on cellular therapy and cellular biology. A deep understanding of the structure, nutritional needs, life cycle and division of skin cells means GERnetic can target the cells directly to stimulate healing from within.

Cutting-edge biotechnology is used to extract potent nutritional molecules and deliver them deep within the skin. GERnétic skilfully manipulates active ingredients at a molecular level, tailoring them to perfection for advanced treatments. Through the fermentation of plant cells with micro-organisms, GERnétic creates compounds brimming with amino acids, peptides, bio-peptides, proteins, vitamins, and other invaluable molecules. These molecules are meticulously designed to have the precise size and polarity required to penetrate deep into the skin, reaching the very cells where healing and regeneration occur.

The synergetic active ingredients found in GERnétic products include amino acids, peptides, proteins, vitamins, trace elements, plant extracts, and marine extracts, all harnessed from 100% natural sources. Plant extracts are meticulously sourced from organically grown plants, cultivated under rigorously controlled conditions to ensure peak nutritional content. This dedication to purity results in ingredients that are more reliable and potent than conventionally grown counterparts.

Natural ingredients

Sustainably sourced ingredients are carefully selected and blended to work together to nourish the skin, boost elasticity, and reduce the signs of aging.

Marine & spa

Biotechnology is used to extract potent ingredients from brown, red, blue and white seaweeds as well as microalgae such as Chlorella and Spirulina.

Complete range

With a range as diverse as your clients, there are GERnétic products for every skin type and concern including acne, rosacea and body or bust.

Request a custom trial pack

Beauty professionals are eligible to experience our holistic skincare first-hand. Request a custom trial pack of selected products specifically tailored to your interests. Whether it’s anti-ageing, acne, the microbiome or more, we’ve got you covered. See why beauty professionals around Australia love our products.

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