Leading microbiome technology

100% natural

Preservative-free products that
care for skin and our planet.

Microbiome technology

Skin healing through biodiverse technology.

Problem skin

Fast results for every age,
including teens.

The secret to radiant skin is microbiome biodiversity

JooMo is the global leader in microbiome biodiversity skincare. This radical approach applies the science of gut health to the skin, to achieve optimum health – and happy, glowing skin.

Through patented Microbiota Immune Response Regulation (MIRR) Technology, JooMo can support the skin’s natural ecosystem to improve its immunity, hydration, and pH levels, and strengthen the epidermis, while decreasing the skin’s sensitivity and allergic reactions. The result is robust, healthy skin, and fast.

100% natural ingredients

JooMo is the world’s first truly 100% natural and preservative-free product to support the correct functions of the skin’s microbiome biodiversity. Their philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that natural ingredients offer the best care for both our skin and our planet. Many other global brands claim to be ‘natural’ while still containing synthetic ingredients. JooMo offers more than a marketing spin.

Why is this important? Clinical trials have shown that regular use of synthetic ingredients damages the skin, repressing the microbiome and de-moisturising the skin.

JooMo’s products are based on the latest scientific research, which has shown that a healthy and diverse microbiome is essential for skin health. Joomo’s advanced formulations work to support the skin’s natural microbiome, promoting healthy and radiant skin from the inside out.

Every skin

Suitable for all skin types and colours, making JooMo products accessible to everyone, from babies to teenagers and mature adults.

Gentle formulations

Made from high-quality, natural, preservative-free ingredients, they're safe and gentle, even on the most sensitive skins.

Soothes irritation

Helps heal acne, spots, blackheads, rashes, soreness, allergies, cold sores, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis fast.

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Beauty professionals are eligible to experience our holistic skincare first-hand. Request a custom trial pack of selected products specifically tailored to your interests. Whether it’s anti-ageing, acne, the microbiome or more, we’ve got you covered. See why beauty professionals around Australia love our products.

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