Sequential Skin

Potent microbiome sheet masks

Skin microbiome

Balance and health through

Prebiotics & postbiotics

First-to-market formula for
visible results.

Skin barrier strength

Protect the skin’s first line
of defence.

Healthy skin starts with the microbiome

A true breakthrough in skincare, Sequential Skin Biome Mask™ is the first available sheet mask infused with both prebiotics and postbiotics to nourish the skin’s good bacteria while balancing the skin microbiome and supporting the skin barrier.

Sequential Skin’s ground-breaking scientific formula reduces inflammation, promotes superior absorption, and results in a healthy, glowing complexion. Each mask is generously saturated with 25mL of nutrient-rich serum for intense hydration and plumping effects. Plus, these eco-friendly masks lock in active ingredients for plumper, more hydrated skin.

Perfect salon addition

Sequential Skin Biome Mask™ is the ultimate companion for beauty therapists. It’s a versatile sheet mask that is compatible with any professional skincare brand, making it an essential addition to any beauty salon or clinic. This mask is ideal for use following needling, laser, dermaplaning, and dermabrasion, providing a soothing, hydrating and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Moreover, it’s compatible with LED treatments, enhancing their effectiveness and providing the skin with a natural glow.

By incorporating Sequential Skin Biome Mask™ into treatments, beauty therapists can increase treatment efficacy and offer your clients superior results. Additionally, the mask is suitable for both salon and home use. It is easy to retail and with a 100% markup, it’s an excellent addition to professional salons.

Microbiome technology

Treat the microbiome with prebiotics and postbiotics to encourage good bacteria to grow and thrive, resulting in balanced, healthy skin.

Targeted formulas

With five unique formulas to target hydration, vitality, radiance, firming, and soothing, there’s a perfect Biome Mask™ for every skin and client.

Optimised delivery

Superior, eco-friendly semi-gel Tencel™ sheet masks feel soft and pleasant, locking in active ingredients for plumper, more hydrated skin.

Request a custom trial pack

Beauty professionals are eligible to experience our holistic skincare first-hand. Request a custom trial pack of selected products specifically tailored to your interests. Whether it’s anti-ageing, acne, the microbiome or more, we’ve got you covered. See why beauty professionals around Australia love our products.

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