Free Education for Skin Care Professionals: Future Beauty Talks of 2021

Free education for skin care professionals: Future Beauty Talks

Happy 2022! It has been another tumultuous year in the thick of a pandemic. However, we got through it and will face the challenges of 2022 with the same determination. 

When this rollercoaster ride began in 2020, we realised that our clients, YOU, the skincare professionals, needed learning opportunities and connections like never before. So, we began to invite professional guest speakers once a month to share their unique expertise, and our Future Beauty Talks were born! These inspiring, FREE education for skin care professionals, online events for skin professionals have continued to thrive, and in this blog, we look back at what we offered our clients in 2021. 

We are so thankful to all the speakers for giving their time and knowledge.

Free Education with Expert Speakers

Chiza Westcarr 

Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skin Care Expert and Health Coach.  We were lucky enough to have Chiza present 2 of our FBTs last year.  

The first talk discussed the impact stress has on the skin. Next, Chiza presented new research on the brain-skin connection, and the role inflammation plays on overall skin health.  

Later in the year, Chiza returned for a fascinating talk on menopause. She shared how oestrogen impacts the health of the skin and her top 5 strategies for managing menopause.  

Two very insightful and thought-provoking talks from one of our much-loved speakers.

Linda Russell and Nick Wallen

The founders of JooMo, joined us to talk about all things skin microbiome! Sharing the facts and fallacies surrounding this hot topic, Linda and Nick peeled back the layers to highlight the truth about the skin microbiome. 

JooMo is a 100% natural and truly preservative-free skincare range that is leading microbiome biodiversity.

Belinda Kirkpatrick

Naturopath and Nutritionist, Belinda, joined us to share her knowledge on hormonal health. She highlighted what happens to your body when hormones become unbalanced. Hormones can play a significant role in certain skin conditions making this topic a must-know for our professional clients.

Gay Wardle

Educator, Coach and Mentor, Gay is also a founding member of ABIC (Aesthetic Beauty Industry Council). Gay explained why ABIC had to be created. In particular, how it is working to support and represent the Australian Beauty Industry as a powerful, united voice. Never has this been more important than in the midst of a pandemic. ABIC has served as a bridge between the industry and government during these challenging times.

Fiona Tuck

The founder of Nutrition Skin Wellness inspired us, as always. This discussion centred on retailing in salons in the post-covid era. Fiona divulged how to remain relevant, stay competitive, and increase your revenue with the right skills, techniques, and attitude towards retail. This talk was full of easy-to-use strategies that our salons could turn into positive action.

Vanessa McDonald 

The Creative Director of SMC Agency, Vanessa joined us for two sessions. Covering her 7 online marketing strategies to get your beauty business back on top. Full of practical advice, this was a popular talk that invited our clients to work smartly and leverage the ever-changing reality’s opportunities.

Rachel Medlock

Social media expert and owner of do you even social, Rachel dedicated her Talk to Instagram and Facebook tips as we headed into the festive season. Reputed as the beauty industry’s social media fairy godmother, Rachel sprinkled us with informative, creative and vital insights.

Tamara Reid

Founder of Beaute Industrie, Tamara, wrapped up the year with her wealth of knowledge and experience. Drawing on her career journey, Tamara inspired us with her guide to building a dream career, ready for a promising new year.

So, what a year it was!  On one level, it was plagued with uncertainty and challenge, but on another level, it gave us all a chance to connect, to learn from each other, to grow and to evolve.  

If any of the speakers or topics that we covered last year in our free education offerings, interest you, please head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe – you can access recordings of all our Future Beauty Events there!  


We also publish monthly blogs that link with our free Education events, and you can view them right here:  VITAL PLUS BLOGS

Our fundamental beliefs are that skincare products must take a holistic approach; one which empowers the skin’s health.  On these merits and philosophy, we select our stable of skincare. We do not seek to supply beauty salons with products that give short term results but results that can be sustained and enjoyed through the years.

We love sharing our passion for the beauty industry with our clients and love seeing them succeed. And when you’re struggling or you feel challenged, we are always ready to help you up and propel you towards solutions, ideas and motivation. That’s what inspires us.

Supporting you in running a successful beauty business is our purpose.

Call us for more information: 1300 437 638

We wish you all a happy, prosperous 2022!

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